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As the next generation of lawyers, it is our responsibility to advocate for change and shape our future. If you would like to join our fight for diversity in the legal profession, consider starting a Jane Bolin Project chapter at your law school. If you are interested in starting a chapter of the Jane Bolin Project, please contact us at for more information. 


The founding chapter of the Jane Bolin Project is a student organization at the University of Southern California (USC) Gould School of Law. We require all chapters of the Jane Bolin Project to be recognized as student organizations within their respective universities and/or law schools.


To start a student organization at your institution, you will likely need to:

1) draft a constitution

2) appoint student officers

3) find a faculty advisor, and

4) get a minimum number of students to become initial members of your new student organization.


Once you have established your law school’s chapter of the Jane Bolin Project, we also recommend that you create a university-specific email address. That way, you can easily coordinate your efforts with and disseminate information to your fellow law students. 


Your university’s graduate student government or law school government likely provides a sample constitution for new student organizations to utilize as a template; if your institution does not provide such a template, you may also use our constitution as a reference. Different universities have different requirements for the student officers that must be appointed in order to establish a new student organization. The founding chapter of the Jane Bolin Project has the following student officer positions: co-presidents, vice president, treasurer, secretary, and outreach chair. 


At the founding chapter of the Jane Bolin Project, we take a three-pronged approach to outreach and recruitment. First, we recruit our fellow law students to assist with various aspects of our outreach efforts, including contacting GCs, researching corporate diversity initiatives, and creating the Project’s social media content. Second, we invite GCs to support the Project by contacting them via email and attaching a personalized letter that has been drafted by a law student. Through this initial outreach email and personalized letter, we ask the GCs to include a rider in the engagement letters that they send to law firms that ensures the legal teams will be diverse. We work with the GCs to develop language that suits their particular company’s needs while remaining aligned with the Project’s quest for representation. Third, we reach out to affinity groups and other organizations within our community with similar goals and interests. We ask these groups to partner with us in our efforts to create a coalition of people working toward a more diverse and inclusive legal profession. Once you have established your law school’s chapter of the Jane Bolin Project, we will coordinate with you to ensure that we are not duplicating efforts. 

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